Client Download

  • Latest Version: Darkness Online Client 1027 (Full Size: 3.47GB)
  • PLEASE READ: Once you have downloaded you need to run the game using LoginTools.exe, Some players may experience issues with this if you have Anti Virus installed. To avoid having these issues, once downloaded. Make a new folder where you would like the client to be for example. Desktop/Darkness Online/ : Then head over to your Windows Defender and add an exception to this folder. If you have any other antivirus installed also add the directory to the exception rule in your other Anti virus. If your anti virus has already taken the logintool or any other supporting files, there will be a Download below called Client Fix. This will contain the needed files to login, Please download and install to the game directory once the exception to the folders have been added. If you require any additional help with this matter, please contact Live Support and some one will help you Via Team view or any questions you may have.


Downloads - Other Size Client Fix
Client Fix 39MB

If you have problems downloading the game, please contact us in our live support chat or click here to go to the support page to see other ways of contacting us.

Please use AutoPatch.exe every time you run our client. This is important so your client is always up to date, if you have any problems with AutoPatch.exe running please make sure your Anti-Virus is disabled this can force the AutoPatch client to stop installing the patches. You can also click here to manually download the patches your self.