1.System Requirements
Before installing and launching Eudemons Online, make sure that your computer specifications meet the minimum system requirements:

2.Install DirectX and update your Graphic Driver
Install DirectX8.1 or above and the latest driver for your video card on your PC, and then install the game client as below:

3.Install the game client

1) After you have finished downloading the latest client, double click on it to proceed with the installation.

2) Click "Next" to continue with the installation

3) Please read the End User Licensing Agreement carefully. Cllick "Yes" to accept the agreement.

4) Click "Browse..." to choose the folder that you want to install the program in, then click "Next" to begin the installation.

5)Please wait while setup is installing Eudemons Online on your computer.

6) Congratulations! You have successfully installed Eudemons Online. Click "Finish" to complete the installation.

7) A Eudemons Online shortcut is created on the desktop.

4. Start playing Eudemons Online

1) To start playing Eudemons Online, double click the shortcut icon on the desktop or the "play.exe" icon in the Eudemon Online folder.

2) New to Eudemons Online? Click "Signup" to create an account, and then click "Enter" to continue

3) Please wait while it is auto-updating the latest version of the client. If the auto-patch does not work, please mdownload and install the patches manually.

4) Select a server and server group to login. If the login screen does not work, please install Flash Player 7.0 or above

5) Enter your account ID and password to create a character and login to the game

6) Welcome to Eudemons Online! Enjoy playing!

 If you have a Eudemons Online Installation CD, you may:
Insert the Eudemons Online CD into your CD-ROM drive. The installation should begin on its own within minutes. If it does not begin, you may start the installation by opening "My Computer", double-clicking on your CD-ROM drive, and then double-clicking the Eudemons Online icon. Follow the above instructions to complete installation and begin playing.