Letter Quest

Very simple quest. Each world will contain its own Word to spell for example


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List of locations for Eudemons World

E - Cronus
U - MistyMarsh
D - GobiDesert
E - DarkMarsh
M - Island
O - IcyLand
N - Volcano
S - LostLand/CataMaze

Locations for CrazyTao World

C - LilyPlain
R - CloudMarsh
A - DunHuang
Z - MoonMarsh
Y - Penglai Island
T - KunLun
A - Celestial Mount
O - YadaMaze/MountBuddahs

Once you have collected all of the Letters, and have spelt either one or the other names you can then go and exchange them
Pathfinding is available for this Quest. Locations - Cronus (308'414) LilyPlain(353'451)