Eudemon - Game Interface

Game Interface

Function Buttons (region A)
Character: Displays your current status, equipment, skills and kill count.
Inventory: Stores potions, equipment, items, gold and other items (can store up to 40 items).
Eudemon:For managing eudemons, summoning, dismissing, renaming, and so on.
Skill/Spell: Displays all your skills and affiliate stats.
Legion/family: Check your legion/family info here, if you are a part of one.
Mentor/Friend/Enemy:Mentors, apprentices, co-apprentices, friends, business partners, contacts and enemies.
Trade: After clicking, the cursor becomes a scale. Click on the target player to trade.
Team: Opens the team panel which allows you to find, create, join, or close a team.
Quest: Displays your current quest, this feature is temporarily unavailable.
Eudemon training: The training skill for each Eudemon. Claim Exp 3 times when it reaches 70, 80 and 100.
Options:Set your graphics, sound preferences, hotkeys and chat settings.

Function Buttons (region B)
Mannequin: Perform mannequin related actions like creating, restoring, trading and so on.
Shopping mall: Opens the shopping mall.
Duel: Click here to duel with other players.
Orb Composing: Click to open the orb composing interface.
VIP: Opens the VIP interface which has access to the VIP instant services.

Function Buttons (region C)
Send: Sends a message.
Action/faces: Emoticons that can be inserted into a chat window or perform the action in-game.
Clear: Clears all messages.
View other: Click this button and then click on the target player you want to observe.
Chat Log: Opens the chat logs, and allows you to save or delete messages.
Nearby Players:Shows a list of nearby players and sends messages to players you select.

Function Buttons (region D)
Auction: Displays items currently available for auction.
Check booth: Check the items on the booth in the market.
Mentor/Apprentice Benefit: Displays your mentor/apprentice, friend relationships and details. Battle Power: Evaluates your character's battle power and displays the details.
Battle Power: Evaluates your character's battle power and displays the details.

PK Icons:
Peace Mode: In this mode, players can only attack monsters.
Team mode: In this mode, you can attack anyone except your team members and friends.
Capture mode: In this mode, you can attack monsters, blue and black named players.
PK mode: In this mode, you can attack anyone in the game.