Mage Introduction


are blessed with the superior skill of Thunder (which is an
EXTREMELY popular PKing skill that Mage Eudemons
can learn as well), however, this skill is extremely
MP-(Mana Points) draining and cannot be used all the
time. If a Mage Eudemon is summoned simultaneously
when the spell is cast, both the player and their
Eudemon will cast Thunder at the same time, which will
double the power of the attack. As far as statuses go,
a Mage has low physical attack and defense, but very
high Magic attack and Magic defense. This can be
counteracted by converging with a Pixie, which has high
Physical Defense and Magic Attack, and will increase
both stats. When PKing, a Mage should avoid physical
attacks and use Thunder from afar, for their low physical
defense may not allow them to survive long enough to
finish casting a spell if they are attacked by a warrior.